| boxes | zones quarters

| boxes | zones quarters is an international artist gathering in Morocco from June 17th – July 17th 2014. Participating artists and curators come from Canada, Germany, China, Morocco, Iran and Russia. The project will last one month and will take place in various spaces in Casablanca and Rabat.

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Children’s game // Kinderspiel // 小意思

We invite to the „Children’s game//Kinderspiel//小意思”, a transcultural art project initiated by iRRi ART in cooperation with Starkad Berlin.

Based on the three topics children’s games, children’s books and children’s songs we will approach the influences and impressions which form our character, our world view, our lives. Therefore we collect statements and reports, in order to shed light on childhood and how cultural imprint is given to us through games, books and songs. The focus of this project is on transcultural phenomena and people who now work in the arts in the German, Chinese and Arabic cultural sphere.

We want to create and document an international dialogue about childlike play, silliness and imaginative thinking. We understand this project as an experiment with an open attitude towards the outcome. Through individual and personal memories and experiences we want to engage in a reflection about culturally, historically and socially implied influences. Read more

One Year of Dots

iRRi ART & Wei Xiaohui @ First Floor Nanjing, 10. August 2013

An exhibition about life in China for one year. A collection of belly button lints installed as an open diary. A map of a body, a line, a net of the marks we carry with us where ever we live.

We took our temporary departure from China after exactly 365 days as the pretext to stage the “One Year of Dots” exhibition at Nanjings only independent art space First Floor. Read more

360° Portraits


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