Dividing Structures分离构造

Peng Tao, Gao Lei

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iRRi ART for Golden Eagle Contemporary Art Center, Nanjing, January 19th, 2013 – February 3rd, 2013.

„Dividing Structures“ is an independent art exhibition initiated by the artists Gao Lei and Peng Tao and curated and realized by iRRi ART. Gao Lei and Peng Tao are both artists from Nanjing, they both paint, but are both not restraint to this one material of expression. The “Dividing structures” exhibition combines the newest work series of both in one concept.  more彭涛, 高雷

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IRRI ART金鹰当代艺术中心,南京,1月19日,2013年 – 2013年2月3日。

“ 分离构造”是一个独立的艺术展览,由艺术家高雷和彭涛发起,由IRRIART策划并实施。高雷和彭涛都是来自南京的艺术家,他们的专业是油画,但都没有被这种材料限制他们的表达。 “ 分离构造”展览在一个概念里结合了这两人的最新作品系列。 了解更多