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Raqs Media Collective

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iRRi ART for Gallery Nature Morte, New Delhi, December 2nd, 2012 – January 12th, 2013

After an interval of six years, the Raqs Media Collective had returned to Nature Morte with a solo show featuring videos, large-scale prints, a typographic sculpture and a sound installation. Their last show at the gallery was ‘There Has Been a Change of Plan‘ in August 2006.

About the exhibition

On view were several works never seen before in India, along with a suite of new works. Amongst the works that were displayed at Nature Morte are, ‘An Afternoon Unregistered on the Richter Scale’, shown as part of Raqs’s show at the Art Gallery of York University, Toronto in 2011 and recently at their solo show for the re-opening of the legendary Photographer’ s Gallery in London. This looped video glosses a photograph taken in Calcutta in the early 20th Century by the British photographer James Waterhouse depicting the interior of a Surveyor’s office with workers earnestly absorbed by their tasks to produce a calibrated meditation on stillness, duration and transformation.

‘Strikes at Time’ is a video diptych that connects thoughts on time and labour that was sparked off by a conversation with the French Philosopher Jacques Ranciere. It entered the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou, Paris after being included in the exhibition “Paris- Delhi-Bombay” in 2011 and was also shown at the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennal in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

The works “Forthcoming Titles” and ‘The Philosophy of the Namak Haraam’ deal with the desire for language and its capacity to both speak and be silent. In ‘The Philosophy of the Namak Haraam’ we are all namak-haraams, defaulters to the debt of purloined knowledge, while ‘Forthcoming Titles’ undoes written ideas to tie them up in knots.

Two works in the show, ‘Constellation’ and ‘Fibonacci’s Insomnia’ have emerged from their more recent body of work created for Raqs’ solo show at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 2012.

About Raqs Media Collective:

Based in New Delhi, where it was founded in 1992, Raqs Media Collective (Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula and Shuddhabrata Sengupta) have been consistently present on the international art scene for the last decade. They enjoy playing a plurality of roles, often appearing as artists, occasionally as a curators, sometimes as philosophical agent provocateurs. They make contemporary art, have made films, curated exhibitions, edited books, staged events, collaborated with architects, computer programmers, writers and theatre directors and have founded processes that have left deep impacts on contemporary culture in India. Raqs follows its self declared imperative of ‘kinetic contemplation’ to produce a trajectory that is restless in terms of the forms and methods that it deploys even as it achieves a consistency of speculative procedures.

Raqs have exhibited as artists in Documenta, the Venice, Istanbul, Taipei, Liverpool, Sydney and Sao Paulo Biennales, amongst others. Their work has been shown the Centre Pompidou (Paris), Tate Britain (London), Art Unlimited (Basel), Mori Museum (Tokyo), SALT (Istanbul) and at the Hayward and Serpentine Galleries (London), amongst others. They are currently exhibiting a solo show at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Boston).

They have curated ‘The Rest of Now’ for the 7th edition of Manifesta: The European Biennial of Contemporary Art, and ‘Steps Away form Oblivion’ for the international roving exhibition “Indian Highway’ initiated by The Serpentine Gallery, London. ‘Sarai Reader 09: The Exhibition’ a curatorial process initiated by them at the Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon in 2012/2013.

In 2000, Raqs co-founded the Sarai Program at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies. They are part of the editorial collective of the Sarai Reader Series.

Fore more information, please see:

www.raqsmediacollective.net and www.naturemorte.comRaqs 媒体小组

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IRRI ART 静物画廊,新德里,2012年12月2日 – 2013年1月12日。

经过六年的时间间隔,Raqs媒体小组集体回到新德里举行了一场以视频、大型印刷版画、排版雕塑、声音装置为特色的个展。他们在画廊的最后一场演出 是2006年8月举行的“计划有变”。



‘罢工时间’是一个视频双连画,通过与法国哲学家雅克·朗西埃谈话引发的关于时间和劳动的看法。这个视频在2011年被列入“巴黎 – 德里 – 孟买”展览后进入巴黎蓬皮杜中心的永久收藏,也出现在俄罗斯叶卡捷琳堡举行的第二届乌拉尔工业双年展。

作品“即将出台的标题”和“Namak Haraam的哲学”是关于语言愿望及其说话和保持沉默的能力。在“Namak Haraam的哲学“中,我们都是namak-haraams,盗取知识的债务违约者,而“即将出台的标题”撤消书面意见,以理清思路。



Raqs媒体小组((Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula 和 Shuddhabrata Sengupta)总部设在新德里,它始建于1992年,过去十年一直活跃于国际艺术舞台。他们喜欢玩多个角色,经常以艺术家,偶尔作为策展人,有时作为哲学代理煽动者的身份出现。他们创作当代艺术,电影,策划展览,编辑书籍,举办活动,与建筑师,计算机程序员,作家和戏剧导演合作,其成立的过程给印度的当代文化留下了深刻的影响。 Raqs遵循其自称的’动能沉思’命令式创作轨迹,就其形式和方法而言,此轨迹是不安分的,它甚至以实现投机过程的一致性而进行部署。


他们为第7版宣言展–欧洲当代艺术双年展策划了“现在剩余”,为国际巡回展览策划了“几步之遥形成遗忘” ,伦敦蛇形画廊发起的“印度公路”。 2012年/2013年在古尔冈德维艺术基金会由他们发起的策展过程– “撒莱读者09:展览”。