Nora Gantert

Curation and Content Development

Nora studied Art History and Sinology in Freiburg, Paris and Nanjing. Her interests encompass ancient Chinese art and international contemporary positions. During her studies in Freiburg she did the research and maintenance for a collection of ancient Chinese art. In China she worked on several cultural projects and contemporary art exhibitions.

Her broad knowledge of European and Chinese art history as well as her remarkable language skills makes her a perfect match for the iRRi ART collective.



Mathias Wölfing

Preparation and Exhibition Design

Mathias studied Art History and Sinology in Freiburg, Berlin and Nanjing. During his studies in Freiburg he found his main interest in contemporary art, staged street art exhibitions and cofounded the art collective DRUX. In Berlin he worked for a creative bureau in the field of exhibition construction and in China as an exhibition designer on several art exhibitions.

The combination of long practical experience in designing and constructing exhibitions and the education as an art historian make him a perfect partner to realize a curatorial idea.


arnika pic team swHörnchen

Arnika Ahldag

Curation and Content Development

Arnika studied Art History and History in Freiburg and London. Her special interest lies in Indian contemporary art, postcolonial theory and alternative spaces for exhibiting contemporary art. After working for different German and Indian Galleries she worked on several cultural projects and realized art exhibitions with contemporary Indian artists in New Delhi.

Her way of working with contemporary Indian art is highly influenced by theoretical academic research. This combination makes her most valuable for the iRRi ART Collective.



Benjamin Wölfing

Visual Media and Technical Support

Benjamin studied Visual Communication in Hamburg and Marseille. His special interest is video art, short movies as well as animation and video-installation. Since 2005 he wrote and produced various short movies, participated in art and exhibition projects. Benjamin worked as a freelancer in the field of special-camera construction, exhibition building and animation.

With his artistic attitude and sense for dramaturgy he is an important enrichment for the iRRi ART collective, beside his technical skills in video technic, editing and animation.



Johanna Grgec

Web Design and IT Services

Johanna has been working on websites and in internet business for many years. Her skills in web design and content management make her a competent advisor in all IT questions.