Children’s game // Kinderspiel // 小意思小意思 // Children‘s game // Kinderspiel

We invite to the „Children’s game//Kinderspiel//小意思”, a transcultural art project initiated by iRRi ART in cooperation with Starkad Berlin.

Based on the three topics children’s games, children’s books and children’s songs we will approach the influences and impressions which form our character, our world view, our lives. Therefore we collect statements and reports, in order to shed light on childhood and how cultural imprint is given to us through games, books and songs. The focus of this project is on transcultural phenomena and people who now work in the arts in the German, Chinese and Arabic cultural sphere.

We want to create and document an international dialogue about childlike play, silliness and imaginative thinking. We understand this project as an experiment with an open attitude towards the outcome. Through individual and personal memories and experiences we want to engage in a reflection about culturally, historically and socially implied influences. Read more在 iRRi ART 与柏林 Starkad 的合作中,我们邀请了名为“小意思”的跨文化艺术项目.